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About DiscoverMiddleAges

Here at DiscoverMiddleAges, we are passionate about exploring and discovering the incredible world of the Middle Ages. An infamous era starting from the fall of the great Roman Empire; when things were in order, authority ruled, and settlements established. Then finishing with the culture-changing, romantic, classical renaissance period, when things got a bit arty and a little more, well, classical!
The Medieval Age

The Middle Ages are also commonly known as the Medieval Period. That time when swords and shields clashed on battlefields on cold winter mornings, horses pulled carts, Kings ruled the lands and diseases ravaged the population. But it wasn’t all dark, doom and gloom, and here we hope to provide a light-hearted, but factual, take on this glorious age.

You will find posts in a number of categories, including Medieval Castles, Medieval Facts, Kings and Queens, Medieval Weapons, Medieval Life and more. We also recommend Medieval Media, like books, films and games, to bring to life this wonderful period from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy!

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