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Here at DiscoverMiddleAges, we are passionate about exploring and discovering the incredible world of the Middle Ages. An infamous era in our history, starting from the fall of the great Roman Empire, and ending with the death of King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485.
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The Middle Ages are commonly known as the Medieval period. The time when swords clashed on battlefields, kings ruled the lands, barons ruled estates and disease ravaged the population. Chivalry and honour were codes to follow.  Here we try to provide a light-hearted, but factual, take on the ‘dark ages’, through to the early, high and late middle ages.

Come and discover posts from categories such as Medieval Castles, Kings and QueensMedieval Life and more. We also recommend some books and TV shows, to bring to life this wonderful period. A lot of the castles on here are managed by the English Heritage, so why not visit the castles yourself!

Please note this is a hobby website, where every effort is made to provide accurate information. However, you may stumble upon a mistake or interpretation here and there, so please do let us know if you think something is not quite right!


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